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International institution located in central Paris, Quantum Pathway Academy provides your study in France the best possible start.


We bridge the gap between your qualification within your home country, and the level needed to enter French Higher Education Institutions.

University Placement Service

Benefit from our extensive network of universities and prestigious Grandes Ecoles. Available programmes are suited to a variety of student needs, from bachelor’s to master’s degree programmes, and are taught in French or English in various study fields.

Conditional admission

Your application files is validated by French HEI boards of admission from the very beginning. You can receive a conditional admission, which indicates that you are academically qualified to pursue a degree programme, but require validation of the pathway program to meet all admission requirements. A place is reserved for you.

Pathway program

The Pathway program provides all the skills needed to obtain your firm offer in your very competitive French HEI. This comprehensive year or semester focuses on all the necessary language, method, soft skills and cultural content. On completion of the programme, you will be equipped to continue their studies at par with other students and successfully obtain your degree!


Our unique offer in Paris combines safe study path, clear objectives, and efficient training.

01Obtain Pre-admission

Apply to our partner programs, in French or in English.

02Arrive in Paris

Obtain your visa and join our campus in central Paris.

03Upgrade your skills

Reach the level defined by your target school.

04Enter your target school

Get ready for your French degree!


We use a comprehensive pedagogical model based on four pillars, each of which provides students with specific tools to face specific challenges of foreign education.

Language (French or English) 66%

Introduction to specialization 18%

Soft-Skills 8%

Methodology 8%


All our programs are run in partnership with Étoile Institut de Langue for language training.
Since 1971, l'Étoile has offered French classes for foreigners from more than 125 countries in the heart of Paris.
Since 2010, Ecole l’Étoile has received the Label Quality FLE in recognition of the quality of their pedagogy based on communicative approach and daily homework.




Empower your learning skills and critical-thinking skills to foster academic and career aspirations in a world driven by information

Language Accreditation

Since 2010, Etoile Institut de Langue has received the Label Qualité FLE with maximum amount of stars


Develop your self-awareness to stand at the heart of your personal, academic, and professional project

Individual Attention

Small class sizes and close follow-up dramatically increase students results

Subject Knowledge

Increase the cultural knowledge required by the French academic system and have a preview of your future field of expertise

Healthcare system

Students can be affiliated to the French « Securité Sociale » healthcare system.

Personalized Coaching

We offer regular personalized mentoring to boost your progress from the start to the end

Student services

An internal housing service with various options (host family, residences…). Optional airport pick-up.

More information about our language partner Etoile Institut de Langue : https://etoilegroupe.com


Fall Intake

One full academic year

Intake day: 2018/09/24

Spring Intake

6 intensive months

Intake day: 2019/02/25

Amount of Subject Knowledge hours can vary according to partner HEI requirements.
Students attending a Pre-Bachelor program in the field of engineering have to attend 60 hours of Subject Knowledge.
Intake day is indicative : students can join the program every Monday until mid-march.
Most specialization courses take place during the second semester.


Upon completion of our pathway programme, you can move into a degree course at our parner institutions in one of the following fields.

Culture and Life-Style

Culinary arts
Hospitality management
Cultural management
Luxury Management


Animation & Video Game
Graphic Design
Interior Architecture
Fashion Design


“Grande Ecole Programs”
International Relations

Computer Sciences

Software development and multimedia
Global IT Management
Systems, Networks and Security


Get a chance to study at one of the top business, engineering, and art schools in France. Our partners are part of the French “Grande Ecole” elite education system and deliver state degrees or certified levels recognized by the French government.


To ensure international students a safe study path, their application files are validated by French HEI boards of admission from the very beginning. You must meet the academic requirements for the partner Higher Education Institutions to join this program, and follow the next steps:

  1. Contact us to choose your school and your program.
  2. Complete your application form with all required documents.

    Documents may vary according but usually include:

    • Academic transcripts
    • Copy of Bachelor’s degree certificate or schooling certificate
    • Short resume in English / French
    • Language test proof
    • Copy of your passport
  3. Pay Quantum Application Fees (60€) and partner HEI Application Fees if any
  4. Take the French HEI entry tests if any
  5. Wait for French HEI admission committee’s response
  6. Register and pay Quantum Pathway tuition fees and French HEI deposit (both refundable in case of visa refusal)
  7. Start your visa procedure
  8. Arrive in France and start your Pathway Program
  9. Validate your Pathway Program and reach B2 in French
  10. Pay the remaining balance to your HEI and start your degree course!

Please note that the amount of hours are based on a B1 level at TCF/TEF test and a A2 level at oral French.

Students with lower language qualifications need to take 36 weeks of General French or more.

We recommend that you apply at least 4 months in advance of when you want to start. This will give you enough time to prepare your visa application, reserve your accommodation and get ready for your trip.


Quantum and Pass-World join their forces to create “Pass-World improver”, a foundation programme designed for prospective international students.

When registering in the programme, international students have the privilege and security of receiving admission offer from one of Pass-World Business Schools on condition that the programme is successfully completed, and that students reach a B2 level in French at the end of the programme.

To be admitted in the programme, students need to pass a Pass-World Admissions session: management aptitude test, language test, and 20 minutes’ interview with a Pass-World jury.

More information about Pass-World : http://www.pass-world.com


You study French at Etoile Institut de Langue, in a lovely flowering courtyard, an oasis of calm in the heart of Paris' famous artistic neighborhood: Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Courses include extra-curricular activities, such as tasting and museum visits. You study specialization courses at FIAP Jean-Monnet, in a picturesque and hilly area near la Butte aux Cailles.


Academic Partners in France


Cities in France for your degree courses


Years of experience in teaching French


Nationalities per year in your French classes





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